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Who we are

C Care is a volunteer-driven organization which seeks to improve the lives of individuals living in isolation and need, and give them back their humanity. C Care’s VISION: to break down barriers which prevent isolated individuals from becoming a part of the community, and to see a cohesive, united community, in which no individual is forgotten.

C Care’s MISSION: reach out to people experiencing personal difficulties – physical disability, language barriers, mental illness, financial hardship, old age, or lack of familial support. These challenges may cause a person to become isolated from the wider community; some may live in conditions of neglect, depression, or despair. Simple daily tasks can become insurmountable, and company, socialisation, and friendship is simply not accessible. C Care is here to help them integrate into the community and live independent, healthy, social, and rewarding lives.

CHANGING LIVES, ONE VOLUNTEER AT A TIME: Volunteers are the driving force of C Care’s programs, reaching out to isolated people and providing them with access to companionship, social connection, relief, and belonging. C Care services extend throughout metropolitan Melbourne.

What Is C Care

Our goal is …To give people back their humanity and break the cycle of poverty …To break down social barriers, combat isolation, and give people access to companionship, devotion, and care …To coach volunteers to provide emotional and physical support and guidance to lonely, distressed, or struggling people …To bolster a spirit of volunteering and goodwill in the community, and bring purpose into the life of many through the art of giving.
“C Care” is about bringing together volunteers from all backgrounds and contexts, to blur the lines of social division and empower individuals in distress or in need of support. Through C Care’s many programs, ranging from Cookoffs and home visits to teen activities and clubs, volunteers build strong and lasting relationships with members and become a trustworthy, reliable and constant force of relief in their lives….Blurring the lines of social division and giving them back their humanity.
Combating social isolation and underprivilge in the Melbourne Jewish Community.

C Care’s Accomplishments

5,000 Meal Visits
2,000 Breadrun visits
500 Yom Tov Meals
Countless Smiles

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Support Staff
Support Staff