C Care Inc


A team that loves to create

Our volunteers are carefully matched with a C Care member for the purpose of creating a partnership which helps build a meaningful, lasting relationship in the life of an isolated individual or family. C Care volunteer-member partnerships foster their relationship by meeting once a week.
Everyone is able to help, receive, and grow in their own individual way. That is why C Care Partnerships can involve meetings over coffee, language coaching sessions, domestic assistance, joint shopping trips, a day-outing, or anything else that will bring joy and energy to the lives of everyone involved.

Volunteers are tailor matched with a C Care member that suits their interests. Volunteers can choose to be partnered with the elderly, migrant, youth, family, or single parent. Volunteers may also choose to form a Partnership on their own, together with a friend or family member, or in conjunction with another C Care volunteer.

C Care partners have a trial meeting to ensure that all parties are comfortable with the Partnership and feel safe and happy with their volunteering role.